GWT Polymer/Webcomponents

Resources for Quickstart with GWT and Polymer

Today I would like to give some resources for a quick start in development with GWT and Polymer components. Polymer components are an implementation of basic components with the Webcomponents technology.

  1. The first point is an overview of the Polymer components in GWT. So you have an overview what is possible. You can click through the show case of the gwt-polymer-elements library.
  2. The second point is the official documentation from the GWT-Project. This is a good start to see how you will consume webcomponents with GWT.
  3. As described there you will use the gwt-polymer-elements library from vaadin. This library provides standard polymer (paper and iron elements and some vaadin elements) ready for use with GWT. Currently the Version is the latest release and you will need to use the 2.8.0-SNAPSHOT version of the GWT project.

With these resources and the provided demos you will be able to start your development and play a little bit with the technologies. In the next days I will write some more Howtos about concerning points. If you have some problems with the setup, feel free to write a comment.